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S&S® Super Stock™ Stealth Air Cleaner

For 1999 and Up Harley Davidson® big twins




Everybody likes to go fast, but not everybody likes to advertise.The S&S Stealth air cleaner kits are for the rider who likes to go fast, but wants to be just a little bit sneaky. Get all the performance of the S&S design, including the air directional “stinger” cone in the filter, and hide it under your stock Harley-Davidson® air cleaner cover.
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124” B2 Head Engines

G2/S&S Cycle 124 Engine...the most sought after performance based S&S Cycle 124” engine is now available.   VFI and carb version S&S Cycle assembled engines are in stock and ready to ship.

These high horsepower output engines are assembled with the ever popular B2 heads, which have oversize intake and exhaust valves, are capable of producing over 170 rear wheel horsepower with a few modifications. Unassembled engines in natural finish with pork chop flywheels are also available.


The dyno chart above shows the results for a 124" 1999 dyna with a S&S SA B2 heads, a 2.150" venturi Super D carb, the S&S IST Ignition, 2-1/4" drag pipes, and S&S 675 cams. The excellent wide midrange torque band makes this an excellent combination for high performance street applications as well as the race track.

The above dyno chart shows the results for a 124” S&S SA B2 head engine with the G2 upgrade (available exclusively from G2 Motorsports) with only 640 cams - AHDRA 124 Challenge Class legal.




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