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News from HopUpYourHarley.com

38 YEARS of Going Fast!





Do you know of anyone that desires to have the most powerful Milwaukee 8 “motor only” package in their motorcycle?

We have the next generation engine package available.

We made 160, then 170 then we cleared 180hp at the tire.

We are going to make 190 plus, next. Big bore, big valves M8.

Yes you can still ride it.

This is not a cross country touring engine combination.

This will be an effort to make over 190 hp at the tire and still ride around. Email me with interest. What year bike and how soon? We are ready now.

Floor it! Thanks.





We got another awesome M8 job finished and tuned. 

Here is a before and after of a 2018 CVO StreetGlide that was a S/E Stage 4 kit and

now is a Thrasher 2, 124 kit. 

SAE and STD dyno sheets. The blue line is how it ran when we got it and the red is after our work.

We picked up 40 foot pounds at at 2200 all the way to 6200. This is fun to ride y’all!!





A 133 Milwaukee Eight with 170 hp is on my mind. 

This bike went 0 to 105 MPH in 6 seconds at the dragstrip.



124 Inch Twin Cam Engine NEWS


We have developed our own version of the awesome 124 inch Twin Cam engine.

We take your Twin cam engine, pull it from your bike, tear it down, bore the cases out to fit the big bore cylinders (4.125), install the Billet 3 piece

stroker crank from S&S, install the TC3 oil pump and cam plate, use our .680 lift gear drive cams, install and machine your heads, (110s) are even better,

with big ports and big valves.

This kit includes the newest HPI 62mm throttle body with additional portwork on manifold, new big flow injectors, S&S

premium lifters and pushrods, clutch lock up and spring, fully assembled and tuned to perfection.

Call For Pricing



With your D&D Boarzilla pipe, Big flow air cleaner and

the TTS tuner, we will make over 160 hp and 160 foot pounds.



Everyday folks contact us wanting to know how to make more power from the awesome S&S 124.

Here are a couple photos of how the intake and exhaust ports look when we get them.

As you can see, they are very restrictive. We improve the shape, size and valve job, to add 12 to 17 more horsepower.

We do offer upgrades to get over 150 hp from a Streetable 124.






Our goal with, "The Adventures of Farm Bike", was to create a real, streetable Harley Bagger, with real bolt on parts,stock bottom end,

Harley heads and cylinders, (your stock parts modified), stock wheels and brakes, stock belt, no air shifter, foot shift only,

93 octane gas station gas, stock Harley hand clutch, stock weight, 200 lbs rider (suited), stock EFI, all motor, less than 100 cubes,

less than $9,000.00 total budget, 10 second quarter mile Bagger.

By the Grace of GOD Almighty, with His Gifts of talents and abilities, our mission is accomplished!!! 
Now, we start on a new mission, to try our best to go the quickest possible at stock weight, foot shifted stock rear belt.

More info to follow ????????




Need more power?

Need a BIG engine?

We build and sell the biggest engine that will fit in a stock frame. 

150 cubic inches!!!

180 hp street version and 200 hp race version. No frame mods required!!!

Email me for more info. 

George@starracing.com — at  Star Power.

Another 150 inch S&S twin cam for baggers and Dynas, 1999 to 2016

Let's us build one for you!!!




Why do we recommend Boarzilla 2into1 pipes for our "Thrasher" builds?

Because the market is full of small to tiny head pipes.

1st photo is of VHR style head pipes.

2nd photo is of the Boarzilla.

See how the stock exhaust valve will not even slide into the small pipe? Same valve fits loosely into the big pipes.

That fact does not seem to matter much when you have "stockish" 80 horsepower.

But it makes big difference in our 130 to 150 hp ranges.



Thundering Thursday engine of the week!! 150 cubic inch Twin Cam for a 2016 Road King. This is the 3rd one we have sold.

This will fit in a stock "Touring" chassis. Would I tour with it? Nah. But is FAST! Can make 200 hp and 180 torque.

Smiles per gallon ????????????


Random video

How a 2017 M8 should sound. Video



We just finished the ultimate sleeper. SofaGlide 113. We picked him up 51 hp and 26 foot pounds. It looks like a bone stock CVO with a pipe.

58mm throttle body, 113 Pistons, .650+, 120R Valves in the 110 heads, our big flow, high speed ports, Boarzilla, stock air cleaner and TTS smooth tune.

The curve is so smooth. Let us do one for you soon! ??????


300 miles new, 2016 with over 130 HP.

Beginning Dyno 79.24 hp  & 96.80 tq

Final   130.76hp & 126.69 tq   51.52 gain  


A new S&S 124 installed in a Road King.

This old girl has over 100,000 miles on her. She got a 100% power increase with her new heart.



130 x 130 Hp and Tq, SAE, 
Star Power 107 Thrasher Kit! #starpower #hopupyourharley

Image may contain: screen

Check out our FaceBook Page for Videos


We are delivering this beautiful, powerful M8 to our friend Jim Phillips this week!#starpower





Awesome build! Thanks John for the chance to build the beautiful CVO 113 "Star Power" Thrasher kit.

We picked it up 40 more HP.





We finished this 2017 CVO. 

It has a 117 kit, cam, tune, pipe and some clutch work. It made 
125 hp. Look at the dyno curve!
Over 120 torque from 2500 all the way to 5500!!!! Fun to ride too

Stayed Tune for More!!


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January 9, 2017 These guys did a good story on my presentation at INDY in December. Interesting to me of course ??

Hunting Big Bore and Other Horsepower Tales

George Bryce is an innovative Pro Stock motorcycle racer who never has enough horsepower.

Find out some of his tricks in this revealing AETC presentation.


Image may contain: 3 people, people standing







Here is a new Thrasher, mail order, 128 hp, 107 kit.

We use your cylinders and your heads.

Please click below to learn more 




Star Power

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