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Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing School


with Star Racing Owner George Bryce

Earn your NHRA license in only 2 days!


With 35 years of experience as a rider, owner and crew chief, George Bryce is now your personal instructor.

Next School Dates:

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Get on a Pro Stock Suzuki and drop the hammer at 9,000 rpm; 5 gears and 7 seconds later, you're at 170 mph.  It's like being shot from a cannon. This is Pro Stock Motorcycle Racing. Unless you have catapulted off an aircraft carrier, or blasted off in the space shuttle, nothing in your previous life will have you prepared for the experience. But your training at Frank Hawley's NHRA Drag Racing School in Gainesville, Florida will let you keep complete control of yourself and the bike ... right to the limit of performance.

THE ONLY PROFESSIONALLY RUN COURSE IN THE WORLD, class size is limited to eight students to allow for the ultimate hands-on experience. Your two-day adventure includes classroom instruction covering safety, an introduction to the motorcycles, their controls and basic tuning. 

AFTER THE FUNDAMENTALS, it is out to the track where you will get up close and personal with a 250 horsepower, 4 valve, Suzuki race bike. After practicing burn outs, the track is yours while you make progressively longer runs until you rocket past the ¼ mile mark. Each participant progresses at their own pace and receive the same number of runs regardless of ability. Time will be spent on increasing your skills and gaining confidence in order to master the mental challenges that separate winners from losers in any challenging environment. 

FOLLOWING EVERY RIDING SESSION, you will return to the classroom to watch your performance videotape and receive individualized instruction. Each motorcycle is equipped with an on-board Race pak computer, and you will learn how to analyze your performance. You may earn your NHRA competition license during this course with approval from your instructor.

YOUR PERSONAL INSTRUCTOR will be long-time PSM racer, tuner, coach and crew chief, George Bryce. His experience in developing champions and his countless national championships in NHRA, AMA Dragbike and IDBA, gives him the unique ability to introduce PSM to the high performance motorcycle rider, while challenging the most accomplished veteran drag racer.



Even champions need a refresher course sometimes!

 “I’ve been teaching this class for 20 years

and it is always full. You can add your

name to our list of winning graduates . . .

Angelle Sampey, Antron Brown,

Matt Smith, Reggie Showers, Chris

Rivas and Craig Treble to name a few. . .

25% of every class are repeat customers.

  It’s a good deal, so come and give us a

try! Call Paul at the school 866-480-7223.”

- George Bryce

Angelle Sampey, the winningest female racer in NHRA history, drives the Star Racing drag school motorcycle. Angelle got her start at the school under George's instruction years before she and her Winston/Star Racing Team became extremely successful in Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing.

"Thanks for teaching me how to be a winner. Thanks again for teaching

over half of the Top 10 PSM drivers on that stage how to race. You

know all of us owe you for making us great drivers. Your school opened

up so many doors for me. Thank you!!"

- NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Michael Ray's words to George Bryce following the 2012 NHRA Awards Banquet,
where Ray was honored for his first national event win at Dallas and his No. 8 finish in the Countdown to the Championship.

Click to read about our motorcycle drag racing school STRAIGHT from the mouth of one of our previous students, Tony Ferland Jr.!

From Tony: The day is finally here. It’s 4 a.m., and I am on my way to the world famous George Bryce and Frank Hawley Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing School. On the flight down to Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, FL, I couldn’t help myself from thinking of all the great racers that have attended this school. It’s going to be a serious moment when it’s my time to throw a leg over one of the bikes.  After a three-hour flight and a short ride over to the track as we pulled in I saw Big Red, the Star Racing rig, I said to myself, “This is going to be fun.”

We were met at the gate by Frank Hawley, and he led us into the classroom, where you get to meet everybody that is taking the class too. It’s funny how everyone kind of had the same look on their faces – excited and a little nervous, not sure what to expect. We all come from different backgrounds, some with wheelie bar experience, some race extended bikes and some race stock wheel base. Well, take what you know and throw it out the window, because this is a Pro Stock bike.

Day one in the AM consists of classroom time going over how the class will run and getting to know everybody and their level of experience and where they’re from. We had people from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Cali, and me from Maine. It’s a great bonding experience for everyone. We are all here to do the same thing ... Click here to read more.



George Bryce's Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing School

George's two-day, in-depth PSM class is limited to only 8 students so that each receives hands-on training both on the track and in the classroom.

We also offer a "Classroom Only" rate for crew members or family members who would like to sit in on the class without the actual driving aspect.

George utilizes a classroom setting during part of the school to teach motorcycle drag racing safety, motorcycle introduction, basic tuning and the essentials for completing a good run.


Students also return to the classroom after each track run to review their individual videos from the track portion of the class.

Drawing from more than 30 years of motorcycle drag racing experience, George offers each student a unique learning experience as they learn to safely maneuver Star Racing's 250 horsepower, 4-valve Suzuki race bikes.
Through various learning techniques in the classroom and on the track, George relates the fundamentals of drag racing including proper bike alignment, driver posture, safety and proper motorcycle control.

This program welcomes racing newcomers as well as those who've been in the sport for years but would like a fresh approach to their racing technique.


It is asked that students have some high performance motorcycle riding experience and a valid state motorcycle license.

Throughout the two-day experience, students get plenty of one-on-one time with one of the most successful men in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle history.


George's professional career includes 6 NHRA PSM National Championships, 78 NHRA national event wins with 9 different riders, team owner and coach for the winningest female racer in NHRA history (Angelle Sampey) and 149 final rounds with 11 riders.

Each motorcycle is equipped with an on-board RacePak computer, and students will return after each track run to learn how to analyze their performance.
Participants may earn their NHRA license while taking the class with approval from their instructor. Ask about this opportunity when signing up.

In addition to the various other topics covered, George also addresses the mental aspects of racing.


Classes are typically scheduled during off season months and tend to fill up quickly due to the limited spots available.


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In 1980, George Bryce and his wife Jackie founded Star Racing to support the motorcycle drag racing community. Their high performance motorcycle company has evolved into a successful mail-order parts business, with engine building and machine shop services.  The state-of-the-art machine shop houses a 5-Axis Haas CNC machine, Sunnen boring and honing equipment, a Spintron; DTS and Superflow engine dynos, and a DynoJet chassis dyno.  Shop their online parts store, or check out services at www.starracing.com or call 800-841-7827.

"Of all motorcycle drag racing schools, this is the one, with George Bryce"...JG, Georgia

"I have  been to the Frank Hawley/George Bryce Pro Stock bike class three times and it is the best money I ever spent drag racing. If you want to learn how to become a better motorcycle drag racer you need to attend one of their classes. Since going to my first class in 2005 I have substantially improved my on track performance. Racing a 170 MPH 7 second motorcycle is much more a mental challenge than physical. The Pro Stock class will really help you with the mental aspect of racing. It is also lot's of fun to race a bike that you don't have to fix if  you break it. I did manage to lunch one of their transmissions on launch" ... Cowboy Stan Sheppard, AHDRA 00 ET West Div Champ, AHDRA 05 Pro Stock W/D Champ, AHDRA 08 Pro Gas W/D Champ, AHDRA 06-07, Pro Gas W/D Runner-up, AHDRA 07 SEP W/D Runner-up, MDRA 09 2-Progas Wins 1-ProET Win

(Email from Sweden - Roger attended the Feb. 4-5, 2010 class) "Hi George, hope all is well over there. It was EXTREMELY nice to attend the school, and you did a WERY good job, all racers should attend a school like that before they even get a license, then we would get a lot higher quality of the racing, and better competition. Anyway it was nice to meet you, and i am shore we will meet again, and we will absolutely  do some business together, Down here you can see what Karl wrote in his Blog http://www.eurodragster.com/news/features/blogs/karl_lyren/. More will come later on article that one Magazine will write about Karl attending the  school. Ones again thanks for all, Thanks, Roger"


Course Manual

Click to view our official PSM Course Manual that outlines the overall course and what you can expect!

George Bryce's Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing School

Former Students' Thoughts:

"I would recommend every racer to come to the school. I have learned a wealth of knowledge, had a great experience and had fun!"

"The information and hands-on experience was fantastic! It was certainly worth the tuition and I will come again. I think that our safety and improvement was at the forefront of the teaching."

"I believe that the school is the best way and the ONLY way to start out on a dragster!"

"Everybody has to learn from the best teachers to be the best."

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