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S&S® V111 Motorcycle Engine

1984-1999 Big Twins

E-mail or call 800-841-STAR

The V111 motorcycle engine is designed for torque more than top end horsepower.

The short 41/8" stroke is equal to the large 41/8" bore, which minimizes vibration. The relatively low lift S&S 585 cam and the single coil Sidewinder® valve springs minimize valve train noise.

A smooth, quiet, torquey engine is ideal for touring applications where vibration and noise can get old on a long ride, and a loaded bagger pulling a trailer can overtax a stock engine.


  • 1984–'99 carbureted chassis
  • Custom chassis designed for Evolution® engines

Features and Benefits

  • Short stroke produces less vibration and longer engine life
  • S&S 585 cam and lightweight single coil Sidewinder® valve springs reduce valve train noise
  • S&S forged rocker arms
  • Shorter than stock height engine makes installation easy
  • Chrome plated rocker covers, tappet guides, and gearcover


  • Natural, full polish or wrinkle black powdercoat

Carbureted Engines (1984-'99)

  • S&S Super E carburetor with teardrop air cleaner


Super Stock® ignition system

  • Protects engine with a 3-step break-in rev-limiter during first 24-hours of operation
  • Logs engine data that can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable and software part #55-1271
  • Initially configured for electric start, however, it is kick-start capable
  • Two-year warranty

S&S V111 Motorcycle Engine from Star Racing

Although this dyno chart shows a T111 engine, the performance

is the same as the V111.

Both engines have the same displacement, bore and stroke,

cylinder heads, fuel system, and cam grind. Since this is a

touring engine, low and midrange torque is the most important

attribute. However,the horsepower of these engines is very respectable.

Call 800-841-STAR or e-mail for more details.

S&S V111 Engine Specifications
Displacement Bore Stroke Camshaft Piston Type Compression Ration
111" 4 1/8" 4 1/8" 585 S&S Forged 9.8:1


S&S V111 Engine Pricing
Chassis Style Fuel Delivery Ignition Warranty Natural Finish Star Price Black Finish Star Price


Star Price
1984-'99 Carb S&S Super E Carburetor Super Stock® 2 Years 106-5703 $5,395 106-5704 $5,895 310-0385 $6,395
Not legal for sale or use on CA or EPA pollution controlled vehicles.

*Notice: This engine is FACTORY ASSEMBLED. Some of our competitors, especially on eBay, offer engines that are self

assembled from spare parts at a lower price. Do not take a risk on a non-factory assembled engine;

Buy from the pros who know!

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