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Dyno Tuning, sometimes known as dyno testing or mapping, is essential to realizing the full potential of today's fuel injected and carbureted  motorcycles with performance modifications.

The only way to accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps while diagnosing run and drivability issues in a controlled environment is to dyno test your motorcycle. 

A baseline dyno run will provide you torque, horsepower, RPM and AFR measurements. Tuning will also properly diagnose and correct fuel or ignition problems, optimize your motorcycle's performance and measure the affects of changes or modifications.

Dyno maps or graphs will be printed for a before and after comparison.

We offer dyno tuning by the hour. Most mapping can be done in four hours or less, but varies based on the number of tuning variables and how the bike responds to tuning changes. Additional labor cost may be incurred if parts installation is required.

Dyno testing at the Star Racing facility (123 Crisp Drive, Americus, Georgia) must be scheduled in advance. Drop-offs are welcome.

Call 800-841-STAR  or e-mail for more information or to schedule an appointment

V-Twin Dyno Tuning

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Replacement engines for Harley-Davidson models

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