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107 Thrasher Upgrade

113 Thrasher Upgrade

Twin Cam 98" Thrasher Upgrade

Milwaukee 8 Thrasher Upgrade


107 Thrasher Mail Order Kit

113 Thrasher Mail Order Kit

Twin Cam 98" Thrasher Mail Order Kit

Milwaukee 8 Thrasher Mail Order Kit


T124 07-up Engine

T124 99-06 Engine

T111 07-16 Engine

T111 99-06 Engine

T143 99-17 Engine

T143 99-17 Dyna Engine

S&S Engines


Customer Testimonials


I was able to go out for about an hour yesterday and get on it a little bit. The power and acceleration is unreal, it’s an absolute blast to ride now.  

Thanks again to you and the team, my bikes absolutely awesome, y’all were wonderful to work with, and my bike was ready early. I couldn’t be happier. 
V/r, Spencer Seymore 

107 Thrasher Kit

2015 Street Glide

HP 80.95 to 126.85

TQ 97.59 to 125.44


Hey George,

Everything was great, I really have no complaints.

From the day I emailed Star Racing, all the way through yesterday when I parked the bike in my garage, you guys have been nothing but amazing.

All your timelines were accurate, you kept me updated throughout the entire build, and everything you promised with the build was delivered.

One HAPPY customer! I'll be sure to pass to word around base and let people know my experience with you and your team.

Thanks again for all you guys did!





I wanted something powerful yet reliable.

I decided on an S&S T124L. However I knew that the person who would be doing the install and tune was just as IMPORTANT!

I went to the internet and Star Racing kept popping up while doing various searches.

I called and spoke to George directly and couldn’t wait to get my broken bike and new engine to him and his team.

I AM SO HAPPY!. George and his team kept me in the loop with photographs from start to finish throughout the install and explained each and every step of the way.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND George and his team at Star Racing in Americus Georgia!.

I was very happy with my bike prior to my engine fail but now with my new S&S T124L & the Star Racing install and tune my bike is “ NASTY!!”

Call George for my cell if you want more details although I don’t really want to share them!  LOL  



2002 Road King

Installed T124 LC


Hey George,

I went on a 4 hour bike ride with 3 other riders yesterday and wanted to give you a report on the Thrasher.

There was a new Victory , a big Yamaha, and another Harley.

It seems they were all gunning for me without my knowledge.

They weren’t aware of the work you had done for me. They all got shot down pretty quick.

This thing will fly, George! I can’t tell you how much fun it was but lets just say….It sure is lonely in the front!

Take care my friend and thanks again!


2017 Milwaukee 8 CVO Upgraded to a 121 Kit




"This thing is a 900 lb rocket ship, from 2500 to 6000 power is unbelievable.

I let a 107 Milwaukee 8 take off and he got into it pretty good.I ran him down so fast he couldn't believe it..cruise so good in 6th gear,smoothest bike I've ever rode especially with all that power..

Thanks again for the professional courtesy of you and your team and God bless you and everyone!!!" :-)

Jesse Savoy-VA



2016 Road Glide, 110 Thrasher Kit with Pipes

Had 300 miles on it when it left. Just over 130 HP



George ,
I have got out on the bike a few times and just want to thank you again, it runs great.

 I’ve had about half a dozen Harleys and most with a lot more cash invested.  

However I’ve never had as much fun as surprising my buddies and others on the road riding brand new bikes when my old bike runs off and leaves them.

 Thanks again without a doubt the next time I’m after a few more horsepower I’ll be back up there to see you.

Thank you,
Paul McCullers



Steven Cox reviewed Star Power — 5 star
June 5 at 11:39pm · 

This is definitely the place for Harley power I got a dream chance to me George, his wife & two of their employees,

they have got to be the nicest people in the south.

The trip was well worth it.

I even went out and bought a Harley ,it will be going there someday, thanks for the pic George a memory forever. Steve Cox , Va., Enos Nephew





We got this awesome report from a great client today!!

"George I got some good weather and time to ride this weekend. I was absolutely amazed at how much power and speed my bike had.

It is ridiculously fast !!! I am also pleased with the sound of it . You can listen to it idle and instantly tell the power it has , much less when you open it up !

I am extremely pleased with you and Star Power !!!"

R. S.




Our Star visit was so much fun, 107 thrasher kit and the skill in your tuning is way above anything I every could have hoped for, I wished we could be there everyday its a big Kids dream.

The burnout was icing on the cake for me and Bob we loved it .  

It has been a long time since I have felt so welcome , Star is resetting the Bar in V twin world for anyone that wants the best of the best in friends and power .

Well cleaning up my shop today putting everthing on E bay so we can come down with an old road king and talk maybe 145”  for the new dresser stock class.

Keep on being who and what you are , You have a wonderful story and future ahead of the Star family.

Thanks we’ll be back.

Jeff Sweetser & Bob Monshinskie

Jeff did a 107 Mail Order Upgrade Kit on His 2015 Roadking.

He brought it back to us to Dyno Tune.

Made 130 hp x 130 tq


George doing a burn out requested by Jeff.

George:  Good morning.  I have a few more thoughts to share with you today about my bike after riding 134 miles or so yesterday.

1.  Shifting / clutch action is simply amazing.  Unexpected improvement in shifting efficiency up and down.

2. Power, power and more power, all of it usable, smoothly and safely delivered. I was cruising in 6th gear @ 80 mph between Perry and Macon and decided to wind it up. What a shock!!  Before I could blink twice, I was at 105 mph and had MUCH more throttle left.  The bike would have just kept on pulling until I reached, only God knows what speed.  Thankfully I caught my breath and shut it down at 105 mph; which is fast enough for me at this time.

3.  Lack of vibration.  Yes it vibrates at idle like before.  Which you have determined to be a by product of the True-trac stabilizer.  However, prior to yesterday, my hands would regularly start to get numb after riding about an hour, and required frequent repositioning to mitigate.  I had  NO tingling or numbness in my hands yesterday after riding for almost 2.5 hours.

4.  Initially I worried about low speed riding in parking lots and executing u turns.  That fear proved unfounded.  The added power makes it easier to conduct low speed maneuvers at lower rpm.  I will continue to improve as I get adjusted to what I term, "new rpm requirements."

5.  Improved stability and traction ... is this possible?  As you know I had the True-trac stabilizer installed to prevent against possible rear wheel wobble.  This along with upgrading the suspension with Race Tech custom rear shocks and Race Tech Gold valve cartridge emulators in the front forks greatly improved handling over OEM.  What I experienced yesterday was amazing yet difficult to quantify objectively.  The suspension felt as though it had been upgraded again.  My bike felt absolutely planted to the pavement at all times and at all lean angles.  Traction was so improved that I felt as though my tires had spikes in them.  Is it possible that your engine upgrade work brought out the best in my upgraded suspension?  You are much more knowledgeable, please explain what you think ... or was this some "placebo" effect?

In summation, I am pleased beyond expectation with the result of your work, and thankful I found you and your company.

Thanks again





Another happy customer, thanks Marc for the opportunity to work on your beautiful Dyna!#starpower #hopupyourharley 

Marc wrote:

Down at @Star Power with @Mark Bender hanging out with @George Bryce doing some fine tuning on my Dyna.

First things first, George is letting us hang out while he tunes the bike In addition to educating us on fuel ratios, throttle position,

etc all while making the most minor adjustment s to make things perfect. 

I already couldn't be more pleased with my bike, add in the southern hospitalit y of George, Jackie, Monica and the work

from Ron and Randal and this place is everything  someone who spent more money than their wife appreciate s could imagine. 

Bring your M8's and let's see more @Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob's come to Americas, GA for added 'Merica to their scoots!

2014 Street Bob

107 Thrasher Kit & Boarzilla Pipes

Made 130.86 HP 130.19 Torque


Sir, I can't thank you enough for the bike! Put around 800 miles on it and it was amazing! It was bad ass!

Thanks, Mark

2014 Ultra Classic Twin Cooled

107 Upgrade kit - Boarzilla Pipes




My 110 CVO Street Glide was a dud. I did some research on the internet on how to get more horsepower and torque. 

The Staff at Star Racing were able to build my 110 to a 113 with 140HP and140FPT. Wow!  It runs super strong from the day I got it back,
and after some 4500 miles I believe it is stronger now than when I got it back.

These guys built a righteous ride the only problem is my friends are pissed at me because they can't keep up.

It's lonesome out in front!

Thanks for the awesome work!




Hey George this is Kristen from Connecticut, with our 107 Thrasher kit, people are loving it.

Guys at Harley are all excited about the horsepower on your head work. Hope it gets some work your way.

Thanks Chris! Good job!


2014 Ultra CVO

113 Thrasher Upgrade Kit

George finally got chance to do a little riding, I love the way I can cruise just like a stock bike.

U would never know the power or torque upgrade until u twist the throttle. U were right more smiles to the gallon.

Thanks for the good work. Love the way it pulls past 6000 rpms, the old one started to fall off at 5500.

World of difference. Exactly what I was looking for, cruise all day, but can pass just about anything when u want.

Keep up the good work, take care and good luck. J





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