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107 Thrasher Mail Order Kit

113 Thrasher Mail Order Kit

Twin Cam 98" Thrasher Mail Order Kit

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113 Mail Order Kit


2007-2016 CVO 110 Models


One Stop Shop

The machine work is performed on YOUR heads & cylinders.

We send you all the parts you need to make your own Thrasher Kit!!

With our Mail Order Kit you get:
  • Custom Ground Cam Kit
  • Adjustable pushrods
  • Multi- layer stainless steel head gaskets
  • CP forged 113 CVO piston kit
  • Custom fit CP rings and precision ground wrist pins
  • Oversized Stainless intake and exhaust valves
  • Bronze alloy valve guides
  • High Performance valve springs, retainers and valve keepers
  • We bore and hone your cylinders with torque plates, to the perfect size and finish.
  • We increase the port sizes, increase the port flow capacity by reshaping and resizing the total intake and exhaust ports

You will need to get the engine built by a Professional Builder.

The engine will need to be extensively tuned on a load controlled dyno. We will send a “starter map” to get you started.

Price for all above: $2,695.00

Typical turn around on "Mail Order Kits" is 2-3 weeks.

*If you install this kit, with options...Boarzilla exhaust, Heavy Breather air cleaner, and a S/E 58mm throttle body

This "Thrasher Kit" will make over 130 rear wheel horse power.


High flow 58mm Throttle Body.........$ 499.00

Easy Start cam option.........................100.00

(without stock comp. release)

S&S "gear drive" cam upgrade...........480.00

D&D Boarzilla exhaust   starting at.....1,200.00

Extra "Ghost pipe" for left side...........399.00

TTS Master Tuner................................440.00

S/E Heavy Breather air cleaner...........369.00

S/E Clutch Diaphragm Spring............... 35.95

Shipping & Transport not included

Ship Heads and Cylinders to : Star Racing 123 Crisp Dr. Americus, GA 31719

Make sure you wrap each head and cylinder really well.


WARRANTY - Star Power makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the products sold, manufactured, or imported by us, including without limitation any warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. These parts are designed for racing only; use them at your own risk.

YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL – Most performance parts are designed for off highway use only and may not be legal for use on public streets, roads, or highways. Performance parts are inherently short lived and must be inspected regularly to prevent untimely failure and/or damage. Any new or modified parts, or any services provided by Star Power (or which are sold through Star Power) are sold as performance parts and are sold as is with no warranty, unless specified by the individual manufacturer.  






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