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113 Thrasher Mail Order Kit

Twin Cam 98" Thrasher Mail Order Kit

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113 Mail Order Kit


2007-2016 CVO 110 Models


One Stop Shop

The machine work is performed on YOUR heads & cylinders.

We send you all the parts you need to make your own Thrasher Kit!!

With our Mail Order Kit you get:
  • Custom Ground Cam Kit
  • Adjustable pushrods
  • Multi- layer stainless steel head gaskets
  • CP forged 113 CVO piston kit
  • Custom fit CP rings and precision ground wrist pins
  • Oversized Stainless intake and exhaust valves
  • Bronze alloy valve guides
  • High Performance valve springs, retainers and valve keepers
  • We bore and hone your cylinders with torque plates, to the perfect size and finish.
  • We increase the port sizes, increase the port flow capacity by reshaping and resizing the total intake and exhaust ports

You will need to get the engine built by a Professional Builder.

The engine will need to be extensively tuned on a load controlled dyno. We will send a “starter map” to get you started.

Price for all above: $2,695.00

Typical turn around on mail order kits is 2 weeks.

*If you install this kit, with options...Boarzilla exhaust, Heavy Breather air cleaner, and a S/E 58mm throttle body

This "Thrasher Kit" will make over 130 rear wheel horse power.


High flow 58mm Throttle Body.........$ 499.00

Easy Start cam option.........................100.00

(without stock comp. release)

S&S "gear drive" cam upgrade...........480.00

D&D Boarzilla exhaust   starting at.....1,200.00

Extra "Ghost pipe" for left side...........399.00

TTS Master Tuner................................440.00

S/E Heavy Breather air cleaner...........369.00

S/E Clutch Diaphragm Spring............... 35.95

Shipping & Transport not included

Ship Heads and Cylinders to : Star Racing 123 Crisp Dr. Americus, GA 31719

Make sure you wrap each head and cylinder really well.







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