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NEW More Power and Lower Cost!!!!!

113" Thrasher Upgrade Kit

For 2007-2016 Harley-Davidson CVO-110 Models

(Also available on Twin Cooled)

3 years of continuous research and development has uncovered 10 more foot pounds of rear real torque and 600.00 less dollars to boot!!

We finished our newest updated design 113” Thrasher Kit on a NEW 2014 110” CVO Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

This motorcycle came to us with only 90 horsepower, and we added 50 more! Now it’s WAY more fun to ride!

We bored it to 113 cubic inches at 10 to 1 compression ratio. We installed our custom pistons, custom ground cams with oversize valves, and ported the heads to add 50 more rear wheel horsepower! Not just a "port and polish" job! But, a big change in shape and size to flow enough air to make 140 HP. We finished with just over 140 RWHP and just over 140 ft. lbs. of torque!

Please call Star Racing for more info on this 113” Thrasher Kit! 
This is the way Harley should sell them!

133 guaranteed horsepower with our Thrasher kit with your 110 bored to 113 with recommended components!

Call 800-841-7827 to make an appointment.


Included in the package:

  • Cylinder Heads - Pro Ported & Machined
  • Cylinders - Bored & Honed With Torque Plates
  • Oversized Valves - Intake & Exhaust
  • Performance Valve Spring Kit
  • High Performance Retainers
  • 113 CVO twin cam CP piston kit
  • SE Pro high flow injector kit
  • Custom ground cam kit
  • Camshaft installation kit
  • S&S Adjustable pushrod kit
  • MLS Head Gaskets
  • FBW 58 mm Throttle Body
  • Manifold modified to flow
  • S/E clutch upgrade
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Fluids, Filter & Plugs
  • Complete Labor
  • Before & After Dyno Test
  • Custom Dyno Map

Turn-Key Package Price: $5,695.00

Other Options Available:

  • TTS Master Tuner
  • Boarzilla Exhaust Starting at
  • High Flow Air Cleaner


Turn around time is typically 4 weeks depending on shop workload, so you will be back on the road in no time!

Customer Jobs:




113 Mail Order Kit

One Stop

We do the machine work to Your heads & cylinders.

We send you all the parts you need to make your own Thrasher Kit!!

With our Mail Order Kit you get:

  • A set of our "Thrasher 140 HP" chain drive  .635 cam set and cam install kit
  • Adjustable pushrods
  • The complete "Thrasher Kit" gasket set including multi- layer stainless steel head gaskets
  • CPP 113CI dome pistons
  • Custom fit CP rings, precision ground wrist pins
  • We increase the port sizes, increase the port flow capacity by reshaping and resizing the total intake and exhaust systems.
  • We install oversized "Black Diamond" Stainless intake and exhaust valves,
  • Our "Thrasher Kit” includes NASCAR quality springs, High Performance retainers and valve keepers.
  • At Star Racing we bore and hone your cylinders with torque plates, to the perfect size and finish.

You will need to get the engine built by a Professional Builder.

The engine will need to be extensively tuned on a load controlled dyno. We will send a “starter map” to get you started.


Price for all above: $2,695.00


Typical turn around on mail order kits is 4 weeks.


*If you install this kit, with options...Boarzilla exhaust, Heavy Breather air cleaner, and a S/E 58mm throttle body,this "Thrasher Kit" will make over 140 rear wheel horse power.


High flow 58mm Throttle Body.........$ 499.00

Easy Start cam option.........................100.00

(without stock comp. release)

S&S "gear drive" cam upgrade...........480.00

D&D Boarzilla exhaust   starting at.....995.00

Extra "Ghost pipe" for left side...........399.00

TTS Master Tuner................................440.00

S/E Heavy Breather air cleaner...........369.00

S/E Clutch Diaphragm Spring............... 35.95

Shipping & Transport not included






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